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Camp is for Everyone: Supporting Our LGBTQ+ Campers

Famous Adventures emphasizes kindness above all else. We actively support campers and staff from all races, colors, national origins, religions, creeds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Today, we are reaching out to our transgender campers, siblings, and families in Charleston County Schools* to say we see you, we support you, and we continue to take action for you.

“We believe in providing campers with outdoor adventure opportunities in a physically and emotionally safe environment. We believe in experiential learning to promote personal success. We strive to teach self-confidence, decision-making and social skills, and environmental awareness”

We believe that kids are constantly engaged in figuring out the world around them. Our staff are encouraged to address any “teachable moment” that comes up, from a skinned knee to success on a climb to a new friend or a hurtful comment. The refrain a camper hears most often during camp is “we treat everyone with kindness”

In response to this:

  • We launched #GOALs: Girls Outdoor Adventure & Leadership, in partnership with Teen Connections at Planned Parenthood. #GOALs is designed to support all young people who identify as female, by empowering our participants to connect with each other, the environment, and themselves

  • We continue to donate our time and money to causes that support LGBTQ+ campers like We Are Family Charleston, Transplaining, and Planned Parenthood

  • We facilitate age-appropriate conversations during camp about kindness towards all people

We choose to use our platform to speak up for marginalized children.

We are grateful for our camp families who stand with us in supporting all children’s social and emotional development. We encourage you to use your platform, too, to speak up, donate, and volunteer for organizations that support love and kindness towards all children. All children in SC need your support.

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