School Kids

What to Bring

Pro tip: We'll text you daily packing reminders for camp activities!

What to Wear: 

  • Face covering with ear loops

  • Shoes and socks, or sandals with a back strap (no flip flops!)

  • 1st application of sunscreen - we'll re-apply throughout the day

  • Wear a bathing suit or play clothes, and pack the other  

Bring a Backpack that fits all of these things... 

  • Backup mask, or two, to replace sweaty, wet, sandy masks. 

  • Full 1-quart or 1-liter reusable water bottle - refills available and encouraged

  • Healthy lunch - we find that campers with sugary snacks tend to feel bad in the afternoons

  • Wear a bathing suit or play clothes, and pack the other  

  • Raincoat on rainy days

  • Optional: 

    • Hat / sunglasses​ / goggles

    • Dry shoes or sandals with a back strap

    • Towel

    • Books, card games

Please do not bring: 

  • Flip flops.  Prevention is the best treatment for the common summer camp injury of cut feet and broken toes.  

  • Electronics.  We are not responsible for things that get lost, stepped on, melted, etc

  • Money.  There is nothing to purchase during the camp day

Famous Adventures Provides sunscreen, bug spray, water refills, snacks, sweet treats like donuts or popsicles, and anything you need to participate in the activities!