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Beat the Heat with Famous Adventures

We adore our sunny summer days here in Charleston, soaking up every bit of camp excitement from the beach to water parks and beyond! But as the Charleston heat cranks up, you might be wondering how we ensure our campers stay safe while having fun in the sun. At Famous Adventures, we've got it all figured out to beat the heat. We closely follow all American Camp Association guidelines to keep our campers safe, healthy, and ready for a summer filled with adventure!

  • Hydration: We encourage campers to drink lots of water and refill their water bottle during their active days at camp. We carry coolers to refill water bottles anywhere we go. We take frequent water breaks and give campers prompts and reminders to drink throughout the day. 

  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is provided, and staff help campers reapply throughout the day.

  • Intentional scheduling: Camp plans all of our “big adventure” outfitted activities to take place in the morning, avoiding the hottest part of the day. Our flexible daily schedule allows our staff to keep campers cool by seeking out shady areas for breaks and games, heading for some water play, taking an air conditioned drive, and of course, picking up some cold afternoon popsicles!

  • Staff training: In addition to CPR and First Aid training, Famous Adventures staff training includes an emphasis on preventing, recognizing, and treating heat-related illnesses and injuries. Our staff monitor weather advisories, environmental factors, and camper well-being, making proactive decisions to keep everyone safe.

How you can help:

We appreciate all the support you give to help your camper have the best time at camp possible! Caregivers can help their camper be ready for a great day outdoors by:

  • Hydrating the night before and morning of camp, as well as eating a filling breakfast

  • Wearing and packing weather-appropriate play clothes

  • Applying a first layer of sunscreen before camp (we reapply throughout the day!)

  • Remembering to send your camper with a full water bottle 

  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: wearing a hat, packing hydrating foods for lunch (melons, other fruits), and using an insulated water bottle

We can't wait for all the summer adventures to come! See you outside!

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