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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, The Campers are Exploring!

Frequently Asked Question: “What do you do if it rains?”

Answer: We have a great day at camp! 

Although rain showers are a signature part of a Charleston summer, here at camp we play outside as much as possible, making the most of all our camp days no matter the weather. Most rain during the camp day is passing (and often takes place in the afternoon/evening, after camp pick up!). With our experienced staff team, flexible schedule, and vans to take us on the move around town, Famous Adventures is uniquely suited to find the fun and keep campers playing outside as much as we can while staying safe. 

Like all other days at camp, rainy day activities are tailored to fit each unique group of campers. Stormy skies might find campers playing games under a picnic shelter, geocaching between showers, jumping in puddles, participating in a muddy soccer game, painting and coloring to create their own art extravaganza, and more. Often the campers are just as creative as their counselors, and some of our favorite camp inside jokes, game ideas, dance performances, and more come from our rainy days together. 

Our amazing outfitters are also constantly tracking the weather and are used to assessing Charleston’s environmental conditions for their operations. They usually operate in light rain, but may cancel their activities (surfing, boating, Aqua Park, etc) if needed to keep campers safe. Even if our main activity is canceled, we’ll have camp, and replace it with other activities intended to keep campers safe and engaged. 

Big Storms: We know that here in the South, camp season overlaps with hurricane season. Although we do not cancel camp or go indoors for rain, thunder, or extreme temperatures, we will cancel camp for major storms (like Isaias in 2020 and Elsa in 2021), and offer refunds to campers. 

We’ll see you next time - rain or shine! - for more adventures in the Lowcountry, rooted in kindness and curiosity. 

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