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Kids Need Camp Now More Than Ever

Famous Adventures provides outdoor adventures for children to promote kindness and responsibility through curiosity about our natural world.  
What We've Learned Since 2016
When Famous Adventures began, our staff focused on outdoor skills, team-building games, and helping kids unplug in an increasingly online world. Heading into our 9th summer, in a post-Covid world, we're experiencing a mental health crisis, and summer camp has been given a huge opportunity to pivot. Famous Adventures began R.O.C.K.s in 2023: focusing on Responsibility, Outdoors, Curiosity and Kindness.
Our unique ability to reach children outside of school, sports, and religion (read more about 'third space' here) places camp in a developmental niche that can't be found anywhere else. The magic of camp is the role we play outside of the pressures of these traditional spaces, and we take this responsibility, and this opportunity, seriously. 
2024 Is Shaping Up to Be the Best Summer Yet
Camps are "the 160-year-old solution to a modern problem." because our community is committed to researching and implementing the most recent strategies for children's social, emotional and mental health needs. Famous Adventures is committed to year-round learning so we can provide the best possible program for your child each summer.
Summer camp is so much more than child care. Famous Adventures is the only camp in the Lowcountry that belongs to The American Camp Association, The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, and The Summer Camp Society. 
We Can't Wait to See You!
This year, we can't wait to show you what we've learned at conferences, countless zooms, and webinars, focused on making summer 2024 the best year yet at camps across the country, including right here at Famous Adventures.
Join us today - because kids need camps now more than ever!

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