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Girls* Outdoor Adventure & Leadership
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Allison Philips


Program Director


Read her full bio here


Abbie Hutchinson


Joined Famous Adventures in 2018, Assistant GOALs staff

Meet the Team


Nadia Klincewicz


Community Health Educator
Teen Connections at Planned Parenthood

What's our GOAL?

Girls need the Outdoors and the Outdoors needs Girls.


The Girls' Outdoor Adventure & Leadership program is designed to support young women* gaining confidence in the outdoors, one adventure at a time. Bringing together girls from around the Lowcountry that share a common love for being outside, we empower our participants to connect with each other, the environment, and themselves. Rooted in leadership and focused on connecting to the natural environment, our program is both a fun-filled exploration of the Lowcountry and an opportunity for self empowerment.

Join GOALs this fall as our girls continue to explore ways we connect to ourselves, the environment, and each other through Seine, Seed, and Sprout.  In addition to getting to know their peers, this fall's participants will get to connect with local women involved in outdoor education and conservation. Join us in our hands-on series:

*Famous Adventures welcomes all young people who identify as female or who feel comfortable in female-centered spaces

Fall 2023: Seine, Seed, Sprout

Oct 14: Seine at Folly Beach

Take a close look at some of the living things that also love this island home! Girls will build "barrier islands," collect animals in the swash zone, and use a seine net to collect fish in the ocean, to gain an understanding of the ties that link living things with their environment.


Nov 11: Seed at the DNR Outdoor Classroom

Join DNR’s SCOR “Seeds to Shoreline” program: help harvest spartina seeds, which will be planted greenhouses and grown into spartina grass. Go behind-the scenes at DNR’s Marine Resources Division to learn about oyster reefs. Learn how community scientists, volunteers, and activists of all ages make a big difference for our ecosystem!


Dec 9: Sprout at Growing Minds Educational Farm

Learn about sustainable agriculture practices (and pet and feed goats) at Growing Minds Educational Farm!  Meet Farmer Katie Donohue, and feed the farm’s resident goats, chickens and ducks, and observe honeybee hives. Participate in a take-home planting activity at the STEM outdoor learning lab. Learn local agriculture techniques to bring home to your own backyard.

Grades 4-8


1:00-5:00 pm on Second Saturdays:

October 14: Seine

November 14: Seed

December 9: Sprout

Pick up and drop off at North Bridge, Scottish Rite Center on Sam Rittenburg

Price includes $25 non-refundable deposit

$75 each or $215 for all three dates


Camp Policies

2024 Coming Soon
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