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Girls* Outdoor Adventure & Leadership

What's our GOAL?

Girls need the Outdoors and the Outdoors needs Girls.


The Girls' Outdoor Adventure & Leadership program is designed to support young women* gaining confidence in the outdoors, one adventure at a time. Bringing together girls from around the Lowcountry that share a common love for being outside, we empower our participants to connect with each other, the environment, and themselves. Rooted in leadership and focused on connecting to the natural environment, our program is both a fun-filled exploration of the Lowcountry and an opportunity for self empowerment.

*Famous Adventures welcomes all young people who identify as female or who feel comfortable in female-centered spaces

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Allison Philips

GOALS Program Director


Read her full bio here


Abbie Hutchinson

Joined Famous Adventures in 2018

Ed: BA in Marketing from CofC

Full time: Television Producer

Certs: First Aid, CPR, D2L

Likes: skiing, running, camping, traveling

Meet the GOALs Team


Nadia Klincewicz

Community Health Educator
Teen Connections at Planned Parenthood

Ed: BA from Cof C
Certs: First Aid, CPR, D2L, Lifeguard and SparkED Sexuality Health Educator

Likes: surfing, skating, NEATure, and birding

#GOALS Spring 2023 Semester

First Saturdays 1:00-5:00 pm.  Meets at South Windermere on Folly Rd

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

February 4: Treasuring Friendships (Geocaching)

Grades 4-8 

Participants will join a global community of adventure-seekers as we set out on an afternoon of geocaching! Using the Geocaching app to guide us, girls will seek out cleverly hidden caches throughout the Charleston area, working together as a team as they navigate.

Throughout this program, we will discuss the ways we talk to and share with peers, including the differences between secrets and surprises, the impact of gossip, and positive communication strategies between friends. 

Price: $75 each or $275 for 4

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

March 4: Fossils and Fun on Folly (Folly Beach County Park)

Grades 4-8 

Come comb the beach with us as we search for both trash and treasure! Famous Adventures’ experienced trip leaders will join participants in a fossil walk on Folly Beach as we marvel at all the sights, finds, and fun the coast has to offer. Girls will be invited to think about the ways we are responsible for our home and brainstorm their own ideas for taking care of our local ecosystems. After our beach exploration, girls will use their newfound collection to create their own unique piece of take-home art. 

Price: $75 each or $275 for 4

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

April 1: Building Wilderness Shelters and Safe Spaces

Grades 4-8 

Learn to set up a temporary shelter and a camping tent in this “day camping” session! Under the trees, girls will work with facilitators to learn the process of selecting materials and locations for a tarp shelter, as well as how to safely set up a tent. Following our lesson, we will debrief and discuss ways to create inclusive, safe spaces in our lives for friends and peers of all identities. 

Price: $75 each or $275 for 4

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

May 6: Team Building Games and Leadership Skills

Grades 4-8 

What does it mean to lead? Is it the same as being a leader? What does a leader even look like? Girls will put these questions and more into practice in an engaging team building leadership program, tailored to our group and their own experiences and needs. Through low-risk icebreakers, games, and initiatives, participants will come together to accomplish goals and work creatively through a variety of challenges.

Price: $75 each or $275 for 4

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

COMING SOON! #GOALs Summer Camp Week

Grades 4-8 

Contact us for details!  We're putting together a full week of GOALs by popular demand!

Price: TBD

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