Girls Outdoor Adventure & Leadership

What's our GOAL?

Girls need the Outdoors and the Outdoors needs Girls.


The Girls' Outdoor Adventure & Leadership program is designed to support young women* gaining confidence in the outdoors, one adventure at a time. Bringing together girls from around the Lowcountry that share a common love for being outside, we empower our participants to connect with each other, the environment, and themselves. Rooted in leadership and focused on connecting to the natural environment, our program is both a fun-filled exploration of the Lowcountry and an opportunity for self empowerment.

*Famous Adventures welcomes all young people who identify as female

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Allison Philips

Program Director



Allison is the Program Director at Famous Adventures.  She has a degree in Family and Child Sciences from FSU and years of camp experiences.  She is certified in WFA, CPR and Darkness to Light. Allison is a full-time preschool teacher in Mt Pleasant. 


Abbie Hutchinson

Trip Leader

Abbie is a long-time Famous Adventures Trip Leader, and is certified in Darkness to Light, First Aid and CPR.  She is a full-time television producer who loves spending time outdoors in the Lowcountry. 

Meet the GOALs Team


Nadia Klincewicz

Community Health Educator
Teen Connections at Planned Parenthood

Nadia joins GOALs as our partner from Teen Connections, facilitating the conversations for 6th-8th grade participants.  She's also a surf guide for Isla Surf School and an amazing addition to our program

Fall 2022 Semester

8:30 - 12:30 on Saturdays.  Meets at South Windermere on Folly Rd

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

November 12: Navigating Identity @ Laurel Hill Map & Compass Park

Grades 4-8 

Set out with us on Laurel Hill County Park’s shaded trails as our participants build their personal “toolkit” for navigating their own identity. We will introduce the sport of orienteering, with participants working together using a compass and map to find their way on their personal treasure hunt in the park! Throughout our journey, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own values, communication styles, and decision making skills.

Price: $50

West Ashley Drop off and Pick Up

December 3: Lighting the Fire for S'more Fun! @ James Island County Park

Grades 4-8 

We are celebrating the end of 2022 with a daytime campout! Participants will join Famous’s experienced facilitators in learning how to set up a tent and campsite, then practice starting and maintaining a campfire. As we gather around the fire, girls will share and learn more about backpacking and outdoor recreation, and all the ways they can find their own fun within it.

Price: $50

Spring 2023 Semester Coming Soon

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