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Spring Break Camp 2021

Spring Break Camp 2021

Spring Break Camp is now open to new and returning summer campers


Quick Specs:

  • Full week, all-day camp for campers 1st grade and above
  • We're outdoors all week, rain or shine.  See FAQs for details
  • Price is $350 + $14 non-refundable online fee. See Terms and Conditions 
  • Bring face covering, lunch, raincoat, lots of layers, and a change of clothes

  • Please read: COVID-19 updates and rules here


Time and pick-up / drop-off:

  • 8:30 Drop off / 3:00 pick up at South Windermere in West Ashley
  • 8:00 Drop off / 3:30 pick up at Moultrie Plaza (Bottles) in Mt Pleasant 

    Participants: Current 1st-8th graders.  Spring Break Camp is only open to returning summer campers at the moment.  New campers, check for updates in March. 

      Booster Seats: While not required in passenger vans, we highly recommend booster seats for this age group.  Please plan to bring / take seats home each day. 



      Schedule for both weeks:  ​




      Boat Tour to Morris Island


       Caw Caw Interpretive Center and Angel Oak Tree

      WedBirds of Prey and Palmetto Island County Park

      Day Trip to Botany Bay


      Wild Blue Ropes Explorer Course or Adventure Course

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