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The Family of Famous Adventures

We are a family business.

Actually, to properly convey the proportions, it should be written:

We are a FAMILY Business.

That word 'family' tells a couple of stories:

Story 1: Without a family, Famous Adventures wouldn't exist. Famous Adventures grew from the seed of a reflected question, "How do we share our love of the outdoors with our little ones?" Through our actions, we hope our children can appreciate the natural environment, and can recognize the special ecosystem of the Lowcountry. We hope to one day tease them with the word 'treehugger.'

Story 2: Famous Adventures is Family focused. We hope to encourage all members of your Family to experience the beauty of the outdoors, and to engage at a level that is both safe and invigorating. To that end, we offer Adventures that can be enjoyed by all ages, although sometimes kids can be more kid-like without their parents around. Still, we often see nature as a wonderful bonding topic for kids + parents; a shared interest that cuts through much of the day-to-day; a diversion from the normal rush; a special place-based moment when everything is understood.

Story 3: Family guides our decisions. We know that being happy, passionate adults demonstrate positive values to our children. Our actions and attitudes get reflected back by our children. When kids see their parents engaged and interacting with something bigger than themselves, it helps set an affirming perspective. Life is too big not to be curious. Don't waste your time on the trivial or superficial. Experience your life first-hand. Have a Famous Adventure.

And there is one more Story: We will always put Family before Business. Every time. In doing so, we hope this value is reflected in our work, in our Adventures, and in our attitude. We make Family the highest priority; in doing so, we hope that you and your Family will join with us.

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