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Beginning August 2022, during times of high community spread, face masks and negative tests are required of ALL campers .  Please read our entire COVID-19 policy carefully.

 We strongly recommend, and respectfully request, campers receive the COVID-19 vaccine to attend our program.  If you're not sure about the vaccine for your camper, consider the CDC website for answers to your questions.  



COVID-19 Policy (updated 8/22/22)

Doctor High Five

During times of high community spread, face masks and negative tests are required of all campers.  Home test are now accepted.


  • Staying Up to Date on Vaccinations:

    • High vaccination coverage reduces the burden of COVID-19 on people, schools, healthcare systems, and communities

    • Vaccines are required for our employees and strongly recommended for campers


  • If your camper has a fever or symptoms:

    • As always, please stay home if your camper has symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, such as cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea

    • Any staff or camper who develops these symptoms must leave camp and may return: 

      • 24 hours after symptoms subside

      • with a negative at-home or clinical test​

    • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must isolate (cannot attend camp) for 5 days, and must wear a mask for 10 days.

    • Quarantine is no longer recommended for people exposed to COVID-19


  • Face coverings: ​

    • All campers and staff are welcome to wear face coverings at any time, especially people at risk for severe illness. 

    • Anyone who is exposed to COVID-19 must wear a face mask for 10 days

    • During periods of high community spread, as identified by the CDC, all campers and staff will be required to wear a mask on vans and indoors (Aquarium, CCPRC Education Program, etc)

  • During high community spread, as identified by the CDC:

    •  ALL CAMPERS must provide one of these for admission to 2022 programs: ​

      • A negative COVID-19 test from a home test*, doctor, pharmacy or lab, taken within 72 hours of your camp start date (Friday-Sunday, for camp beginning Monday). *Home tests must include an attestation form, which will be provided to parents at registration.

      • A positive COVID test dated 10-90 days before camp, from a doctor, pharmacy or lab. Home tests are not accepted as proof of antibodies. ​

    • Health Screening: we'll take temperatures of all campers each morning, ask about exposure and symptoms, and wash hands each time we load the van

  • No refunds for missed days due to exposure or illness, even if the exposure is at Famous Adventures: Cancelation Policy

Tell me more about past summers...

Evolving COVID-19 Camp Policy Since 2020


We opened camp June 1, 2020, with mask and screening policies in place.  With masks, cohorting, and health screening, there were no known cases resulting from camp.

Summer 2021, we continued to wear masks and screen campers.  Vaccines were required of staff, and were not yet available for campers under 12. No staff or campers reported infection from camp. 

Summer 2022 saw a rise in cases of BA-5 in both staff and campers.  Vaccines are required for staff, and campers were vaccinated or provided a negative test to attend.  Masks and screening were required after exposure and during high community spread (July and August). At least one staff and one camper may have contracted COVID-19 at camp.

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