Our 2022 programs and activities were designed for vaccinated campers, and we strongly recommend, and respectfully request, campers receive the COVID-19 vaccine to attend this summer.  Please read our policy carefully, in compliance with the new South Carolina state law.

If you're not sure about the vaccine for your camper, consider the CDC website for answers to your questions.  



COVID-19 Policy (updated 4/27/22)

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Updates to safely accommodate unvaccinated campers are highlighted

  • ​​Summer campers must provide vaccination card OR a negative COVID-19 test to attend camp

    • Negative test: a PCR or rapid antigen test from a doctor, pharmacy or lab taken within 72 hours of camp start date. 
    • Proof of antibodies following a positive COVID-19 test from a doctor, pharmacy or lab are accepted, if dated 10-90 days prior to camp. 
    • At home tests or test results will not be accepted
    • Parents must text or email negative tests/proof of antibodies in advance of Monday morning to ensure admission
  • Quarantine

    • All campers and staff are required to follow the current CDC quarantine calculator for COVID-19 exposures.  As of 4/27/22: 

      • Unvaccinated campers must quarantine for 5 days (cannot attend camp) after an exposure

      • Unvaccinated, non-symptomatic campers may attend/return to camp after the 5-day quarantine, with a negative COVID-19 test, and must wear a mask for five days on the van and indoors.

      • Vaccinated, non-symptomatic campers and staff may remain at camp and must wear a mask on the van and indoors for 5 days following the exposure. 

    • No refunds for missed days due to quarantine or illness, even if the exposure is at Famous Adventures: Cancelation Policy

  • Face coverings:

    • All campers will be required to wear a mask on vans and indoors (Aquarium, CCPRC Education Program, etc) during high community spread, as identified by the CDC 

    • All campers must to be open to changes in regulations regarding masks throughout the year

  • Health screening: 

    • During high community spread, as identified by the CDC, we'll take temperatures of all campers each morning, ask about exposure and symptoms, and wash hands each time we load the van. 

    • All campers must to be open to changes in regulations regarding health screening throughout the year

  • Indoor programming is scheduled!  Our schedule has not changed with these updates, so we strongly recommend vaccines for all campers

  • If your camper has a fever or symptoms:

    • As always, please stay home if your camper is feeling sick or has a fever

    • Any staff or camper who becomes symptomatic must leave camp and present a negative at-home or clinical test to return to camp

  • Vaccines provide consistent paid work for our staff.  All of our employees have chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Our employees have been champions these past two summers, and we look forward to a happier, healthier workplace in 2022.

  • Vaccines provide a safer camp for children.  Learn more about camper mental health during the pandemic: 

Tell me more about Summer 2020 and 2021...

No known infections from camp in 2020 and 2021


We opened camp June 1, 2020, with mask and screening policies in place.  We did not have any reported cases of COVID-19 among campers. One staff tested positive over a weekend in June, and we closed the upcoming camps and contacted all affected campers.  All staff tested negative and no campers reported infection.  

Summer 2021, we continued to wear masks and screen campers.  One camper tested positive 24 hours after camp.  We notified their cohort, and quarantined staff (even though they were vaccinated) for camper safety. All staff tested negative and no campers reported infection.