Frequently asked questions

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Of course! 2 or 3 campers coming together are welcome. Please remember that we have tiny groups, and we've found that bringing too many friends creates disruptive behavior. We will reschedule groups of more than 4 campers.

Can I bring electronics?

No! Leave phones, gaming devices and anything fragile or expensive at home. Things get sandy, wet and stepped on during camp. Famous Adventures is not responsible for electronics. Phones will be taken up and given to a camper's pick up person at the end of the day (again, not responsible for it!)

My child has special needs...

We welcome campers of most abilities, with good communciation from caregivers. Please contact us at registration if your camper takes medications during the day, or has physical, emotional, or behavioral needs. Our staff have experience with a wide range of campers, and we can accommodate some allergies, medications, and physical differences. However, our program structure can be difficult for some campers with physical or emotional differences.

What if it rains?

Famous Adventures is open on rainy days (and cold days, during the school year). We find picnic shelters and play games, and we'll have fun despite a dreary day.
Our outfitters usually operate in light rain, but may cancel activities (climbing, surfing, boating etc) in unsafe conditions - again, we'll still have camp, even if the main activity is canceled. We will cancel camp for major storms (like Isaias in 2020 and Elsa in 2021), and offer refunds to campers.

Will I get photos?

Yes! We use Remind to send updates and photos during camp. The app is not required to receive texts, simply respond to the registration that will be texted to you prior to camp.

Tell me more about Famous Adventures' Staff

We are camp professionals. Learn more about our staff and our philosophy