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We want to give you and your kids another great experience!

Before you apply for camp, it is important to understand the following common mistakes and overlooked details:

Mt Pleasant pick up and drop off has moved to Waterfront Memorial Park

  • Friend groups are limited to 4 or less because groups are so small.

  • Each camp group is composed of 13 campers and 2 staff traveling in one 15-passenger van.  

  • Each camp/van/group is independent from the others. 

  • Campers are outdoors all day, rain or shine

  • including $50 non-refundable deposit

  • masks and tests are required during high COVID spread

  • NEW: Caregiver Code of Conduct

  • If your child takes medication during the day, has an IEP, has MESH needs

  • Pre-screening is required, so we can set your camper up for success

Returning Parents/Guardians can Sign In on the next page. 

Password reset emails *usually* go to spam, if you're looking

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